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The Deli Karachi

The Deli Karachi offers a fusion of exquisite flavors from around the world. Every dish, be it savory or sweet, is created to scintillate your senses and bring you a burst of flavor and aroma.

At The Deli Karachi, we aim to please with our skilled staff and contemporary ambiance. Our menu covers a diversified range of cuisines, allowing you to enjoy flavors from across the world under one roof. We also experiment with seasonal flavors, using fresh ingredients, fulfilling our promise to continue creating unforgettable and unique dishes.

We encourage you to book and reserve your dinner appointments, so you can enjoy the perfect dining experience with us.

The Deli Karachi, specializing in high quality, gourmet cuisine, offers a wide range of tasty dishes including unique sandwiches, fresh salads, flavorful main courses and desserts which are made using only the finest ingredients. The comfortable and cozy upscale restaurant located in Zamzama, opened in February 2007 in order to provide fresh and healthful cuisine to health and quality conscious food connoisseurs. The Deli Karachi also introduced the use of ingredients that were not readily available in Pakistan. Exotic main courses are made using fresh and flavorful ingredients of the highest quality while the desserts are comprised of top quality imported chocolate and cheeses. The cuisine served at The Deli mainly consists of Mediterranean, however some authentic Thai and European dishes can also be found on the menu.

The Deli provides healthy food options for working people who are short on time. Busy professionals can visit The Deli Karachi for quick and easy food selections of the highest quality. Some popular dishes include the Roast Beef Wasabi Sandwich, Stir Fry Khaosuey, Italian Style Pasta and the Cappuccino Brownie with Ice Cream. The menu also offers a wide range of dishes that are both unusual and classic, but always with a modern twist, such as shrimp cocktail and chicken sate.


The Deli provides better and healthier food options with fresh and healthful options, from sandwiches, salads, main courses and desserts; gourmet food that is clean, healthy and affordable. The Deli uses olive oil for healthier and more nutritious dishes. No artificial flavors or preservatives are used, and all food is prepared in The Deli’s very own kitchen. All of the cooks are highly experienced and have been trained in some of the most respected restaurants of Karachi. In addition, the majority of the staff has been part of the team since the opening of the restaurant. With a focus on superior food handling and cleanliness, the kitchen is washed and cleaned twice a day and it is mandatory for the staff to maintain the highest hygiene standards, while uniforms are washed and checked daily.


The Deli offers a range of catering services, from formal lunches and dinners to casual parties and office lunches. Elaborate five-course sit down meals as well as appetizers for events both big and small are available. The healthy food at The Deli attracts many office-goers as they look to improve their daily diets with fresh salads and grilled meats. The Deli Karachi also caters to individuals who wish to shed those extra pounds but without going through the distress of preparing diet food at home. Loyal customers at The Deli, especially working men and women, have realized that it is far easier to follow a low-calorie diet if food is prepared and sent to them everyday. Depending on individual diets, The Deli Karachi offers low-calorie, low-fat food and low-carbohydrate meals or a special menu designed according to individual needs and requirements.


In 2005, two friends got together and discussed the idea of opening a small deli that would provide fresh salads, pastas and sandwiches to people with the desire to have healthy food. After much deliberation and hard work, the dream was realized in 2007, when a small outlet opened on First Zamzama commercial lane.

The immediate response was highly encouraging so much so that within a span of one year, the small outlet expanded into a full fledged restaurant. With little knowledge of running a full scale restaurant but lots of intuition into what makes a great dining experience, The Deli set out to offer its guests an experience they wouldn’t soon forget, which included generous portions and inventive menu selections. All dishes are made with the freshest quality ingredients and served in a warm, casual and comfortable atmosphere.

Today, The Deli continues to be led and inspired by the spirit of innovation, quality, passion and commitment to excellence.

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