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About Cafe Aylanto

Cafe Aylanto Karachi

Cafe Aylanto Karachi is one of the most prestigious and respected restaurants in Karachi, offering flavorful Mediterranean cuisine in an upscale, yet casual atmosphere. After the success of the Zamzama location, the restaurant relocated to more spacious locale with sleek contemporary decor and both indoor and outdoor seating areas. Cafe Aylanto Karachi has become a household name which represents high quality cuisine and refined sophistication. Located in the popular dining area of Block 4, Clifton, Cafe Aylanto Karachi offers an extraordinary experience of culinary sensation and a consistently pleasurable dining experience.

Cafe Aylanto Karachi brings together the characteristics of a fresh Mediterranean countryside escape with a new world fusionistic culinary touch. While the menu is mainly comprised of Mediterranean dishes, new items are frequently added to reflect various trends in international flavors and artistic presentation. From the adventurous exotic specialties to the traditional Italian pasta dishes, Cafe Aylanto presents an exclusive selection of favorites which can be enjoyed guests of diverse gastronomic preferences.


Cafe Aylanto Karachi began as an upscale deli serving gourmet sandwiches and delicacies using ingredients previously not offered in Pakistan, such as oysters, Italian gelato and authentic Italian coffees. The loyal clientele began to express a desire for more traditional Mediterranean dishes in addition to the current menu, and therefore pastas, steaks and various other entrées were introduced. Regular guests know their favorites and often request items from the original menu, such as the all-time favorite Chicken Avocado Sandwich and the Aylanto Grilled Burger. The kitchen staff is always honored to fulfill these requests and even whip up something special upon request.


Enjoy exceptional dishes which are unique to Aylanto, such as the Flame Grilled Tenderloin; a succulent steak topped with rocket leaves, drizzled in garlic infused olive oil and served with sautéed mushrooms and vegetable timbale, or The Fiery Chili Sole; a grilled fillet of sole marinated with roasted garlic, red chili and vinaigrette. The Pan Seared Norwegian Pink Salmon; olive and garlic crusted and served with cauliflower mousse and asparagus, pomelo vinegar and ginger kabayaki sauce. The Roquefort Cheese with Grilled Garlic and Rosemary; juicy and garlic baked with olive oil and Roquefort cheese, seasoned with rosemary sprigs and served with crusty French bread.

Monthly specials are designed while keeping seasonal produce and trends in mind. Cafe Aylanto Karachi sources the highest quality produce, both local and imported, to guarantee the most healthful and flavorful cuisine. In addition, all produce goes through a rigorous check by the executive chef to make sure it is up to Aylanto standards. All items and condiments on the menu are prepared in-house to ensure quality, and a wide range of herbs are home-grown to guarantee their freshness and robust flavors. Cafe Aylanto Karachi also has its own butchery, and a bakery which is responsible for all breads and desserts that are served in the restaurant.


Cafe Aylanto Karachi brings in experienced executive chefs from abroad from time to time to train the kitchen staff in order to keep up-to-date with international trends in the food and beverage industry. But most importantly, to create tantalizing dishes that continue to impress time and time again for all who visit Cafe Aylanto Karachi.

Enjoy the ambiance and savor the delights at Cafe Aylanto for Brunch on Sundays. Order from the regular menu or try something new from the special Brunch menu. Comfortable surroundings, attentive service and outstanding cuisine are what one can expect at Café Aylanto. Whether you visit for a special weekend dinner for two, or for a memorable dining experience with family and friends, we look forward to your arrival at our newest Café Aylanto location in Clifton.