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About This or That

This or That Best Burgers in DHA | This or That Best Pizza in DHA

This or That This or That began a few years ago when two friends looking to eat healthier food started Pakistan’s first ready to eat health food company,Evergreen. Evergreen became a success (in fact, you should try it if you haven’t already!) and our mission to bring delicious and nutritious food conveniently to the people of Karachi was well underway.

Now we were faced with a new problem to solve; what to eat as a smart indulgence? Pizza was always a staple cheat-meal order, and one day while munching on a slice of thin-crust pepperoni in our office we asked ourselves a simple question:

“Is it possible to create a healthier pizza without sacrificing taste?”

The experiment began with a few simple rules for all our pizzas:

  1. Only the freshest and highest quality ingredients will be used
  2. Use our cheesy holy trinity of Mozzarella, Gouda and Cheddar
  3. Create a unique dipping sauce that kicks each bite up a notch
  4. Stone bake our homemade whole-wheat bases

A few months and plenty of testing later, Whole Slice Pizza was born, Pakistan’s first Whole Wheat Pizza Company. During our extensive testing phase, we realized that our customers like options. They wanted to be able to customize their pizzas and choose everything from their toppings to their crust. As a result, we began offering people the ability to choose which crust and what toppings they wanted on their pies.

Our motto is “Pizza Your Way.” We are dedicated to offering Karachiites the freedom to choose exactly what base they want for their pie as well as the toppings that go on it.

Now you can create a pizza your way, and we guarantee that it’ll be the bet in town.

It’s All About This or That!

Jul 10, 2019


One of the worst experiences. Both in terms of food quality and delivery timings.

Ordered three burgers for iftar at 5:40 pm. Got a call back from the restaurant confirming address at 6 pm. The caller also requested if the food can be delivered prior to iftar which is very understandable.

No sign of food till 7 pm so i called to check and the restaurant gives all excuses about the rider on his way and all. Cut to iftar and 20 minutes after that. The food finally arrived at 7:45 pm.

Now the burgers. They tasted ok to begin with however the mid part of the supposedly ‘well done’ and med well burgers was pink as it can get. I had to throw away almost half of the burgers. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING!

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