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About Bella Vita

Bella Vita Karachi

The Bella Vita Karachi restaurant in Pakistan is well known for its gelato being made the traditional Italian way. The traditional and modern Italian cuisine menu features all of the classic Italian dishes you know and love. Besides the gelato, the in-house espresso bar has to be mentioned as something especially interesting for coffee lovers. The dessert section of the menu catches one’s attention immediately, offering customers unique variations of classic and modern desserts to choose from.

Don’t miss the famous gelato from Bella Vita Karachi

Are you feeling like a delicious Pizza tonight? Bella Vita Karachi restaurant has an expansive Pizza menu with loads of delicious flavour combinations. For example, take a look at the Pizza Al-Pollo, featuring Bella Vita’s signature tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, smoked chicken, mushrooms, and black olives, it’s a sumptuous choice. There is also an exclusive range of gelato flavours, from vanilla, tiramisu, and Ferrero Rocher to premium gelato flavours such as sugar free chocolate or vanilla. Gelato really makes an ideal dessert.

Enjoy a great delivery service from Bella Vita restaurant

If you’ve had a stressful day at work and want to come home to a sumptuous and relaxing dinner, then Bella Vita restaurant is the perfect address. Bella Vita restaurant offers some tasty appetizers to start with such as a soup of the day, different salads and garlic bread. Follow them up with a delicious hot pizza as your main course.


With a myriad different recipes created to perfect the artistry in the centuries-old tradition of making gelato, we provide elaborate and modern flavors that allow our customers to take comfort in the traditional and find excitement in the unexpected!


Bella Vita Karachi is dedicated to creating the culinary experience of a lifetime. Our gelato is made in the true artisan traditions of Italy. Our menu, consisting of a varied selection of traditional and modern tastes, is prepared in house by our resident chef. Our all-natural recipes use only the best ingredients on the market and our proprietary processing techniques assure products that are of unmatched quality and peerless in taste.

Oct 25, 2019
Very Good

Had this iftar deal at bella vita for 1290+tax

For appetizers we ordered wasabi prawns 🍤 and artichoke dip
The prawns were fresh and tasted exceptionally good whereas artichoke dip was also very flavorful and was served with garlic bread!
.For the main course we had mint pesto chicken. This thing was impressive. The juicy grilled pesto marinated chicken was served on a bed of potato slices which had an awesome zesty flavor. For the sideline i had gratin potato. It was perfectly creamy and cheesy!
Béarnaise steak was cooked perfectly to medium rare from end to end and it was so deliciously tender . The baranise sauce added a flair to the steak .
Overall verdict 6.5/10

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