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About Orrery

Orrery Restaurant Karachi

Orrery Restaurant Karachi, Like the intricate cosmological model that lends its name, Orrery is redolent with attention to detail and elegance.

An Orrery is the ancient mechanical model of the solar system device that illustrates the relative positions and motions of the planets and moon. Our restaurant taking inspiration from the best creation, which is universe, brings you this perfect dining experience in which you go tasting and exploring flavors from round the globe.

The notions that give us the honor to invite you to Orrery is not just the spine-tingling environment but also the opportunity to venture around one of the finest dining experience in the country. Our world known chefs brings you finest dishes served by our staff specially trained for your expediency.


As for Estrela, a Spanish word that means a star undoubtedly shines in the hem of Orrery offering a complete dining experience offering divine Mediterranean Cuisine.

Café Ocoa

Café Ocoa is an intimate space to enjoy an aperitif before heading through to the restaurant. Modern in style with exquisite lounge and distinctive coffee delights offers you a perfect environment to enjoy moments with your friends, family and colleagues.


O’grill, our secreted terrace is the perfect location to enjoy a live bar-b-queue along with selection of hot festive juices and warming dishes under the stars, overlooking the rooftops of the city of lights.
Orrery, located in the heart of Karachi with stunning views, is the ideal venue for any celebration, whether it is an anniversary, birthday or wedding. Our Personal Dining spaces can also be used for stylish entertaining throughout the year and can accommodate groups of up to 10-15 guests. We can help you transform and theme the space, tailoring the event around your wishes. Bespoke menus can also be created around your requirements. Orrery’s dedicated events manager will guide you through every step of your event and will be there to assist with any finer details to ensure you, your family, and your guests enjoy the whole experience from the initial planning stages to the big day.

This fabulous space is worth a visit.