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About Amichi Pizzeria & Kitchen

Amichi’s ‘Create Your Own’ concept is the epicenter of their eatery. You can choose everything about your pizza or pasta dish – starting from the base up! Offering an insane number of combinations, their tasting palate revolves around the flavors of the world.

Amichi also rolls out its own pasta – having learned from one of Italy’s best chefs – before pan-tossing it to perfection. By allowing their customers to make their own pizza and pasta dishes, they turn the normal consumer into the contemporary pro-sumer – encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone and try what you want to – be it pineapples on your pesto pizza or sweet corn in your pasta!

The term ‘Amici’ (pronounced as Amichi) translates to friends in Italian. Started by three friends who graduated together, Amichi – Pizzeria and Kitchen, offers diners the freedom to make their own pasta and pizza.

It all started when the 3 ‘Amicis’ began to tire of the corporate world and decided to take the bull by its horns and venture into their passion – for food! ‘It took 18 tries to get the Alfredo just right; 12 tries in and we were ready to throw in the towel. It took another 4 months to just perfect the dough.’

We’ll make sure you can find great food and a fun night out with the family in one place. Join us and become a part of the Amichi. Cheers

Sep 14, 2021

Build your own pizza or choose one of the pizzas from its menu.

At Amichi, you can either build your own pizza or choose one of the pizzas from its menu. Amichi offers a variety of wood fired thin-crust pizzas, pasta, appetizers, and sandwiches.
I visited its DHA branch with friends. We tried out Make Your Own Pizza option with mouth-watering toppings and Clubhouse Sandwich. Both pizza and sandwich were delicious. Also ordered Coconut Prawns that was a good appetizer.

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