Grotto Cafe

Grotto Cafe

A Peaceful and Soothing Experience

About Grotto Cafe

Grotto Cafe

Grotto Cafe is an eating space in the hubbub of Bukhari Commercial, Karachi — where you have all the freedom to sit, think, sip, make, meet, eat, and do all you can for as long as you can.

With food and beverage inspired from Europe and America, ambiance conducive to artistry and productivity, and serving talent from Pakistan, we bring for you a Cafe and Fine Dining experience together.

Visit us for lunch or dinner to make your day a red-letter. We would be happy to serve you.

There is nothing more modest about the look of Grotto Cafe, a fine dining restaurant located on the 7th Bukhari commercial lane, Phase 6. The restaurant appears to be completely inspired from the European and American culture. Inside the décor screams for attention with its stainless glass doors and brick-lined walls; all rustic interiors.

Most of the restaurants these days do not accentuate over customer satisfaction, which is why it has become quite difficult for new places to establish themselves among the good names. Grotto Cafe, on the other hand has been particular about their customer service. The staff is extremely courteous and helpful in talking you through their menu. The service has been incredibly efficient and professional. The waiters were quite organized in serving our courses of meal.

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