Olivetto Cafe & Lounge

Olivetto Cafe & Lounge

Fine Dining & Lounge

About Olivetto Cafe & Lounge

Olivetto Fine dining & lounge: 2 restaurants in one serving Mediterranean, Italian, French cuisine, & classy selection of beverages. Olivetto takes pride in being best new eatery in town. Make a reservation today for an experience to savor for a lifetime.
Olivetto restaurant and café is a gorgeous addition to Karachi’s fine dining offering and is an ideal space for the sampling of artistically presented Mediterranean plus French and Italian cuisine. The restaurant’s formal dining room has a capacity of 55 persons with each table offering its own distinct and cozy setting. Some favorites on the menu include; Beef Medallions with Wild Mushroom Sauce, Spicy Hamour Fish, Grilled Tiger Paprika Prawns, Mezze Platter, Pizza Margarita and the divine Crème Brulé. Top quality ingredients are carefully selected for each and every dish. Bottled water is used for all drinks and mocktails, while the utmost top quality meats and vegetables are used in food preparation. The Maitre D’ and floor-in-charge are always happy to assist the guests in selecting the perfect menu choices to ensure the the most satisfying and enjoyable experience.

In addition, the upscale location of Olivetto makes the experience that much more enjoyable, as it’s located away from the hustle and bustle of congested shopping areas and also provides easily accessible parking. There are also many consulates in the vicinity which help create a very safe and secure neighborhood.


Samad the Head chef and culinary extraordinaire, Gittu the magician who conjures up desserts from heaven, Calvin the coffee and mock-tail master artist…We are blessed to have a full front and back staff team who are as passionate about food as we are!

The Olivetto Lounge has a seating capacity of 32 persons and provides a contemporary and energetic atmosphere for light fare, specialty coffees, mocktails and desserts. With one of the best coffee machines in town, Olivetto promises a rich and delicious coffee that is sure to please the most experienced coffee connoisseur. Enjoy the lounge in the morning with a newspaper and hot breakfast, for a business meeting or in evening after work with the laptop. The ambiance is refined, yet casual, and allows for friends and family to enjoy and relax. The LCD and sleek architectural lines offer a new and fresh coffee-going atmosphere to Karachi.

Adil Bhamani – “I am basically a simple technical person. My love for gourmet grew while discussing the dining options and menus. I love to look for the details and enjoy the experience. I am a great fan of subtle and hidden flavor of herbs and try and keep the spices down.”

Afroza Bhamani – “Good food has always been a passion. Traveling around the globe I had always been fascinated by the sumptuousness and classiness of Italian and French cuisine respectively. Looking after my school and various community projects I never thought I will be entering the “food field” so to speak, professionally. But I am so happy to be able to do this. I look forward to making Olivetto an exciting and classy place for all who visit.”

Olivetto Restaurant & Café looks forward to serving you in the near future.