Buon Cibo

Buon Cibo

Fine Dine Restaurant & Italiane Cusine

About Buon Cibo

Buon Cibo Karachi

Buon Cibo is Located on the busy 26th Street of Badar Commercial Area in DHA. Buon Cibo is a must-try for foodies in Karachi. This new restaurant offers a wide variety of Mexican and Italian cuisines, and will not disappoint those who complain about fine dining offering small portions and resulting in half-filled stomachs!

Buon Cibo’s seating arrangement is evenly spaced out, giving its customers privacy while dining. Every table is illuminated by an LED light, which is changed according to the theme of the day. For e.g. seafood night calls for an all-blue theme.

The restaurant can accommodate around 65 people with a staff of 30 at their service. Their menu comprises of 65 dishes and is a blend of Mexican and Italian food, giving its audience a wide range of cheesy and extremely spicy food.

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