Vintage Bakeshop & Cafe

Vintage Bakeshop & Cafe

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About Vintage Bakeshop & Cafe

Vintage Bakeshop & Cafe Karachi


Vintage bakeshop & cafe Karachi is a perfect depiction of the Victorian Era. From floral wallpapers to wooden flooring, white antique chairs and their floral covers to table mats, decoration objects to clocks, everything has a vintage touch. The place is really small and cozy with a few chairs and tables placed in such a manner so as to avoid any crams.


They have a completely separate menu for breakfast which includes a number of choices. It was really tough to choose. I secretly wished I could have a little bit of everything. They also have two to three desi items on their menu.

Customer Service

Vintage bakeshop & cafe Karachi has a really good customer service I must say! They are extremely cooperative and they make sure they never leave the customers disappointed. They took feedback from us and made sure we were satisfied with our meals. Also, I’ve had bad experience with their bakeshop before but they resolved my issues immediately.