5 Best Biryani in Karachi in 2021

5 Best Biryani in Karachi in 2021

5 Best Biryani in Karachi in 2020

Biryani is the top most favorite dish in Pakistan, specially for Karachiites. There’s no doubt that you cannot find the real taste of Biryani outside Karachi. Friday is know to be the Official Biryani Day of the week, whether you’re in home, office or even spending your time outisde with the family, Biryani is the molst important thing that you should be keeping with you for the lunch or dinner 🙂

According to a survey, there’re more than 2800 Biryani spots in Karachi that range from low level (Thaila Biryani) or a high level restaurant. It’s really very difficult to rank which is the most favorite biryani in Karachi, but we’ve sorted out top 5 places based on our user experience and ratings.

1- The White Biryani

The White Biryani KarachiDue to it’s color, most oftenly people think that it is Pulao rather than the Biryani. But that’s not true at all. The white biryani is something that you’ll get in love with. Situated at Rahat Commercial, DHA phase 6, The White Biryani serves robust beef biryani packed with garam masala and dried cascabel pepper. You can also find the same taste and quality of their signature biryani on their newly opened outlet at Boat Basin Karachi.

2- Biryani of The Seas

Biryani of The Seas KarachiBiryani of the seas, also known as BOTS is very famous of their delicious prawn biryani. If you’re craving for the prawn biryani, then look no further, just head over to BOTS, located near frare police station, clifton. Although they have the consistancy issue with the taste of quality of their food, but still its very famous for serving of the the best sea food biryani in Karachi.

3- Biryani Centre

Biryani Centre KarachiBiryani Centre is known to be one of the pioneers in traditional biryani in Karachi. Serving since 2001, and still providing the same taste and quality. Biryani centre offers wide variety of Biryani including Chicken, tikka, fish, batair, mutton, beef — all kinds of biryani are available at this restaurant that caters to around 1200 people daily. With four branches in the city, it’s no wonder that this is the centre for biryani.

4- Farhan Biryani

Farhan Biryani KarachiWell, this might seems a new name to you, but it’s one of the famous biryani spot in Gulistan-e-Jauhar and getting famous in sarrounding areas rapidly due to their amazing taste and qaulity. Farhan Biryani is really a good place to go and enjoy a super delicious Pakistani meal. It offers you a wide range of tasty and ideal food and also ni excellent surroundings in cheap price. Must pay a visit with your family and friends.

5- Madni Biryani

Madni Biryani KarachiAnd our last pick is Madni Biryani. Madni Biryani is famous for the authentic and spicy biryani that it serves at extremely affordable prices. The dining area is plain and simple and is mostly visited by men, but you can enjoy their mouth-watering biryani with your family while sitting in the car. Due to the excessive demand of their delicious biryani, usually you have to wait for about 15 to 20 minutes to get the magic in your hands.

Disclaimer: The ranking of the above 5 best biryani spots are truly based on our foodie’s experience. None of the above restaurant has paid us to enlist their service in this slot.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Just keep searching for the best food place that fullfils your craving!

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