Dead Chickens Being Supplied To a Restaurant in Islamabad

Dead Chickens Being Supplied To a Restaurant in Islamabad

It was heard that some groups are involved in supplying dead chickens to different food processing spots. Some believed, some not, but there’s always a constant fear of sub-standard ingredients and products being used in food spots, even if the seems to be a dhaba or a lavish dining spot or restaurant.

A recent video got the attention of the people after getting viral when some unindentified person was offloading huge amount of dead chickens from a truck. The guy that shot the video talked to the person who was offloading those dead chickens and asked to name the restaurant which he’s willing to deliver that junk to, the person replied “Baao Jee! Murgh Pulao Khanna Pul Ko Deni Hain”

After the video got viral of social media, the authorities has initiated an inuiry to ascertain the authenticity of the report. Deputy Director of ICT Food Department visited the restaurant and collected the samples for laboratory test.

Hamza Shafqat, Deputy Commissionar assured that the culprits will be sent to jail.

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