Went to The social hub and got to know what the hype is about!!!🤩

Ordered Panipuri shots which sounded enthralling as y’all know that I absolutely love golgapppay!!💥 So the puri was round and crispy, filled with chickpeas which were placed on the top of the small glasses full of spicy pani🤤 I can eat more than a dozen at a time and still crave more❤️😭
Ordered top twister naan too and it was really impressive. The naan filled with chicken, vegetables , cheese and mayo garlic😋 I must say this was so scrumptious plus, the spices were perfect.
Also, got Margherita pizza which was amazing!! The spices and flavours were on point😻 plus, this was more preferable than delfrio’s margherita pizza✨

Well, Everything was perfect and the food was super fresh, and hygienic but they should increase the quantity of panipuri shots though the prices were reasonable💗