Visited Flories Café and Grill for Lunch today

Visited Flories Café and Grill for Lunch today. Staff was gentle and quite helpful, whether it’s welcoming us or helping us with the menu and ordering foods, they were on top. We ordered Moroccan Chicken and Flories Dome Burger. Food was served within 25 minutes. Moroccan Chicken was the perfect blend of spices, hands down to chef’s expertise on it. I have tried Moroccan Chicken from different Eateries in Karachi, but this is was the best up till now. Flories Dome Burger is their most running item from Menu and after trying it, it deserves to be the most running one. Their lunch deal is currently live, which gives you 50% discount on the second main course of equal and lesser value. Total Damage was of Rs. 1400 and this place is worth going back.
If you ask for rating points then it is:
Ambiance 9/10
Service 10/10
Food 10/10