The Patio and i was very content with my experience

I hosted a hi-tea yesterday at The Patio and i was very content with my experience.
The ambiance was perfect for a ladies get together. Flowers were placed on every table beautifully and it really made the whole place very elegant. Despite the large amount of people, the temperature was well maintained. It did not become hot or stuffy at all, like it would at most restaurants.
The menu for the hi-tea was excellent. The food that was supposed to be hot was promptly served by the waiters. The food in general tasted exquisite. The friendly waiters even refused a tip and said that service tax was included in the bill. Hats off to this kind of a staff!!!!
Along with the fact that everything was handled in a very organized manner, the cherry on top of it all was that all of this amazing service was at an extremely reasonable price.
The guests had an exceptional experience and left very pleased. Thankyou so much Saima Achria & Sunita Acharia for making this a memorable evening for me!!!!!