The order arrived in about 70 minuets and it was COLD

My friends and I decided to have pizza for lunch today so we placed the order with 14th street pizza. The order arrived in about 70 minuets and it was COLD! it literally felt as if they had baked it a day before. I immediately called them and told them about pizza. At first they had the audacity to say that they couldn’t do anything about it!! I told the representative to transfer the call to the manager who was also of the opinion that it’s not at all possible that their pizza could be stale!! They kept on defending themselves that it was probably the rider’s fault (which clearly wasn’t the case as the pizza was delivered around the time they promised). They kept insisting that since they had other deliveries to make on Chundrigar road hence our pizza was cold and stale which isn’t an argument!

P.S the fiery flavour was literally pheeka!
Tasteless pizza and highly disappointing customer care service and definitely never going to order again!

Taste: 0/5
Customer service: 0/5