Thankyou for all the fake paid reviews about ‘swing’

Went there this evening on recommendation of SO MANY PEOPLE, LITERALLY RAAVINNGG ABOUT THEIR FOOD
well, I have a very unpopular opinion about it, IT WAS REALLY BAD!!!!!

We ordered loaded fries (Pata nai Kidher se loaded hain), the quantity was really less, and mind uou, I’ve had loaded fries at a ton of places, better in taste and quantity so don’t argue on this.
The pizza. BlAnD!! Isay Acha I guess I could’ve made one at home. No taste at alllllllllll!! I feel like we wasted our money and returned with empty stomachs.

Lastly, THe iNfAmoUs LaVa CaKe, jo k Aik Mazak tha humaray sath 🙂

Like my friend said ‘bohat expectation k sath aye thay’

Please look into this, whoever the owner is

Good luck!!