Saltage Steakhouse

We discovered this place by chance, because we went in that area for some other restaurant. We did not know about this place, and when we got inside, there was 1 hour waiting. But it looked very nice, so we planned that we will eat here some other day with prior reservation.
Then, on our Anniversary, I made reservation for me and my wife. It is highly recommended that you go there with a reservation, because they have a limited seating.
After getting there, I learned about how they process their meat, and why is it different, through their staff. Their staff was very well trained, well mannered, and respectful. I ordered Angus Striploin on the waiter’s recommendation, and my wife ordered Angus Burger because she doesn’t eat meat other than Burger or Biryani lol.
They showed my Angus beef on the kitchen counter before preparing, and it was the perfect piece.
When our order was served, I was delighted immensely with the aromas, and when I took the first bite of the steak… I was in a state of trance for a minute. The mesmerising flavours took me some place else !
“It was the best steak I ever had !”, I told the waiter. He then called the chef to our table, and I told the same to him, and appreciated their quality and taste. He was very content, and the look on his face was wonderful.
Last, but not the least… they even helped my wife with a little Anniversary surprise! After the meal when I asked for my bill, they served Chocolate Dessert on the house with Anniversary wishes !
If you are a steak enthusiast, you must go there. But, it is a bit expensive, keep that in mind.
Ambiance: 4/5
Quality: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Taste: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5