Review of Studio 7Teas

This is post is not for any free food or replacement… First of All i am regular customer of
Studio 7teas till date but not now.
Today I ordered Studio 7teas Large Chicken Supreme Pizza with 7up and they send me Like 7UP strwaberry flavour with Super Extreme Plain Bread pizza its taste like you are eating A baked bread with Mushrooms
We were three persons we took 1 slice each and to find out that its the worst we ever had.
We complained and our complained get rejected by saying that only three slices are left . And we can send you the small pizza. I keep them asking to taste the pizza if it is up to the mark. And i insist to replace the order but i got a discount offers on my next order … i mean why i am going to order you again lol ?????
Another offer of a small pizza which i rejected…
I want to convey the message to the owners that if somebody is ordering you late at night like 2am -3am thats mean the customer is damn hungry and after waiting 45-50 mins its will be natural that nobody can stop himself from eating a food. So please make policies accordingly , that if your food is not up to the mark you should replace it either its a last slice , spoon of the dish… And if found , up to the mark then you may ignore the complain.