Prime 109

Based on some bad reviews I hesitated from visiting this place , and looking at the prices i knew i was taking a big risk dining here .
But trust me when i say , it was worth taking the risk . Everything was perfect .
The ambiance, service, cleanliness and quality of food . Enjoyed every bit of it .
We ordered the prime 109 and the tomahawk . Prime 109 had a nit more of the fat content compared to the tomahawk . Both of them were cooked perfectly ( medium rare ) with just the right shade of pink . The fat on it was tender , scrumptious overall !!!
Even the fries , mashed potatoes all the sauces they served us were so flavorful . Chimichuri , hot tomato , spicy mustard , and there were two more .
Overall 9.5/10 .
Dont judge , try it out urself id say