My review

Eatery: Spicogetti
Order: 1 chicken khausa + 1 chicken chowmein
Damage: 700 total

So I tried this new eatery after I saw a few good reviews in this group. Well the food quality is good. It smells clean and looks fresh. The food was supposed to be delivered in 70-80 mins but it took them only 60 mins to deliver it. It was warm n nicely packed when it arrived. They also provided the chips n other crunchy things in a separate box. Quantity was more than enough as we were only 2. And i found out that one order was enough for 2 (girls not boys :p )
About the taste, it was mild and and not as spicy as I like but still it tasted good.
Quality: 10/10
Quantity: 10/10
Taste: 8/10
Rates: 10/10