My experience with Burger Lab

Few days ago I went to dolmen mall Tariq road. I decided to get myself a chicken from burger lab, because I have always been a fan of it. Little did I know, that this time I was not going to be pleased with the service . The cashier returned my the money, when I complained about the food and in no way had any respect or regard for me and my time.
Although I was really hangry, I decided to let it be and ate something else. But what was surprising was the fact that their manager, who was not present at that time later called me and apologised so many times. He even insisted me to come over for lunch, so that they can make up for their mistake.
I finally decided to get a delivery today and called the manager. Needless to say the manager HIMSELF came and he was extremely humble and down to earth. The taste of food and its quality was top notch and brilliant. What is even more surprising is that the manager himself came to deliver the food, because a lot of times that doesn’t happen.
I was very impressed by the courtesy and service of the manager. So here is a shoutout to the manager of burger lab (dolmen mall Tariq road branch).