My experience at Rosati Bistro

Went to Rosati Bistro Karsaz, around 4 pm. There was a big number of staff available near the reception, got a table as the place was almost empty just 2 tables occupied at smoking area and 1 for lunch. We were given the menu immediately but after waiting for more than 10 minutes, we called the waiter to take our order and he said that our table’s waiter is not available at the moment, he’ll come and take our order… Surprised but still we waited and when nobody came even after 10 more minutes, we called another waiter and placed our order.
Our order was Moroccan Chicken Steak and Chicken Lasagna. The Moroccan Chicken was undercooked and dry, had to use a good amount of mushroom sauce to be able to eat it, Chicken Lasagna was cold and hard, we sent it back to get it heated up again and they did, after that it was acceptable but still it was not a good lasagna, have tasted better lasagna at different places. Fries were ok, bread piece was very hard to eat.
We ordered lava cake for dessert and were told that it’ll take 25 minutes, I told them to take 30 but make it good. Yet it was served after a good 40 minutes after following up twice in those 10 extra minutes. Lava cake was average too.
Service was very slow and had to shout waiter to get their attention, had to ask for tissue papers and ketchup and mustard to remind them the basics.
Damage was around 3200 for two persons including the drinks which were average too.
Overall experience was not good, won’t be going there again. There are better places that are serving better food with better customer service.
Would rate the overall experience with 3/10
Food 4/10
Service 2/10
Ambiance 8/10
Pricing 7/10