KUDU for my birthday dinner.

For my 30th birthday, I wanted to indulge in fine dining and it’s been ages since I’ve done that here in Karachi. A little search by my sister @sateah_afreedi turned up a few places that would fit the bill.
@restaurantkudu was one of them.

So, off we went to KUDU for my birthday dinner. And I must say me and everyone else left satisfied and feeling quite zen. Thank you @restaurantkudu for making my birthday dinner memorable and special.

Our dinner started off with some freshly baked knotted bread with herb smoked butter. Followed by our appetizers which were “Three Method Potatoes” a delightful symphony of textures and creamy flavours and none of the three very differently made potatoes clashed. Our second appetizer was aptly named “Botanical Garden” a surprisingly refreshing salad which evoked feelings of summer.

Our drinks included: “Grapefruit Spritzer” which was refreshing and reminded us of a summer evening. An aptly named drink called “Brazilian Sunset” which really did take me back to a beautiful sunset at the beach. And the mint lemonade was one of the best we’ve had.

For our mains we had “Shrimp & Asparagus Risotto” which was just done right. Risotto is notoriously difficult to get it right but these guys did it. Second was the “Lobster Linguini” which was rich in flavour and the Lobster was delicious and delectable. Our other mains “Chicken and Mustard” and a “Festive Roast” which were both delicious.

Where KUDU truly outdid themselves were the Desserts. “Tarte Tatin” was hot and fresh with the pastry being so fluffy and the flavours just so decadent. Our second dish was KUDU’s much talked about “Fragmented Chocolate” that was just decadent and oh so delicious and the technical nature of the dish with cracking of the chocolate dome made for a little bit of spectacle.

All in all an amazing experience. But I will say this this place and the food style is not for everyone, it requires a certain pallette and understanding of cuisines to truly appreciate it.

And lastly the staff was well trained and very polite.