Ive been a regular at OUAT since its opening and its the first time im posting a review for them.

OUAT is the place to be for me as on top of the amazing food what i love abt the place is how they continiously keep on adding and working in their menu. Today I had the M-Town burger with Beef Steak Fettucine and its great that theyve added the option of non alcholic beer to gulp it all down. Plus they have done great work in opening up OUAT Basement for events and I love that they let me play Fifa 18 for as long as i want. The place is just so beatufilly designed anf relaxing that you just dont want to leave. Cheers and Kudos TEAM OUAT keep up the good work.
Food 9/10
Ambiance 100/10
Service 7/10