Its my first post I am sharing so far here.

I am Foodie and love to explore new destinations. Today I experienced new Place even with new concept with my 2 friends. We visited restaurant with name “Fish Market Restaurant” which I noted when I passed by a place. The concept is actually live and fresh fish serving right from the aquarium to cut, marinate and served fresh. This concept been elevated by a owner who owns 5 lanches of his own from where he bring sfresh fishes and sea food on daily basis (other than export) They are serving different varieties of fishes and prawns in different forms (fried, barbeque and Karahi ranges) I amazed to see that they are using pure Mustard Oil for frying. The way they hygienically delivering food is also phenomenal. The Taste of the food is beyond words.

The place is on Main Shahrah-e-Pakistan (Waterpump F. B. Area) Near Haji Mehfooz Sheermaal and next to Sherwani Motors.

I highly recommend this place for fish lovers who seek fresh, tasteful, hygiene Sea Food Serving in Town.

Presentation: 9/10
Taste: 10/10

P.S. I am not a paid surveyer or promotor of the place but want to promote it to not to loose such great concept and supply of fresh and healthy food.