It’s definitely the best.

Me and a few friends dropped by to the opening of Muokata, which is a new restaurant opened up right next to Hotspot at Bukhari. The word Muokata, means to customize and as the name suggest you can customize just about anything you’d like to eat. Although the place is small, the decor is really nice, I loved the wall art.

I liked the variety they had in their main courses and if you don’t like something you can obviously customize. We had the hunter beef platter and Alfredo pasta along with their beef sandwich. The food tasted really good and everything was up to the mark.

We loved their drink Arabic champagne and Muokata special which was extremely refreshing and new.

The highlight for me was the cheesecake on a stick and we just loved it! They have 2 different flavors one is chocolate and the other is white chocolate. It’s extremely delicious and Instagram-able at the same time. I’ve been there twice so far for cheesecakes. It’s definitely the best.