-In the continuation of my previous post about Asian Wok,

I’ll be sharing the visuals of the main course along with discussion. They are as follow:
Kung pao chicken Price Rs. 1375
Chicken chow mein Price Rs. 1125
Chef’s Special sesame chicken Price Rs. 1325
Egg fried rice Price Rs. 875
All the prices are exclusive of 7% Tax.
Now, as you can get an intimation about the luxury of prices this restaurant has. All the above-mentioned MAIN COURSES comprise of serving for at least 5-6 people, so the price is JUSTIFIED for the quantity of the food. Plus, you are getting COMPLIMENTARY fish crackers, bottomless margaritas, and green tea. The taste of the dishes was above par. The stir-fried chicken was soft and tenderized. Kung pao had the roasted peanuts while the chow mein had the Julien cut chicken. The General feel I get from Asian wok’s food is that their food is a bit sweet than usual. Kung pao wasn’t spicy as there weren’t enough dry red chilies and chili oil seemed diluted. That was the main issue that I also submitted in their feedback card. The sesame was nice, but again the stickiness of the sauce didn’t match with the Yum restaurant. Maybe the addition of cornflour can make it perfect. That is my personal opinion, but these are my findings by comparing two competitive Chinese places.
Huge applause for the management of the Asian wok as they are sensibly managing the operations of the restaurant. Providing unlimited drinks to their customers in the hallway of the Beverly center was the STAND OUT ingredient of not only their courtesy but kind-heartedness. The table service was outstanding and complimented the whole of the food experience. I rarely discuss the service aspect in my reviews, but it is the thing they’ve earned it 👍
Alhamdulillah for the blessings ❤