Highly recommended 💯

Well presented food with great taste, Miyako Fuse Asia really does go beyond the bounds of traditional flavour.
Starting off with the Nachos that thankfully had Doritos instead of fried samosa patti.
Crunchy Maki was the star of the show 😍, I thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely going back for it.
I’m often a bit reluctant in ordering seafood at restaurants, but the prawn dishes my friends ordered were cooked to perfection. The Pan Asian grilled shrimp 🍤 bowl was scrumptious (highly recommended for prawn lovers).
My beef steak was well-done just to my liking, with light and creamy mushroom sauce on top of it.
All in all had a great experience at their Bukhari branch.
Taste:- 9.5/10
Ambiance:- 9/10