Hey Food Lovers,

After searching the Swot group for best fish grill in gulshan, Mamu Fish Grill came up the most 🙂

So i went there to try it only to be impressed and highly satisfied with the taste and quality of the food 🙂 Ordered a full heera fish ( red snapper ) which costs Rs.1200/kg and quarter kg prawns which costs Rs.800/quarter kg. Both the items were very fresh!

To reach there just take a left from Dunkin Donuts on University Road and go straight. It will be on ur left side besides Donutz Gonutz along with Hot n Roll Snacks, it is a part of the Revive Snack Bar where you can have all sorts of desi snacks like paani puri and chaat as well as chinese. Has street sitting with tables and chairs. The family lounge isnt much but once the food arrives it doesnt even matter.