Hey Folks.

Hey Folks.
Just wanted to share experience of another restaurant that you might have heard of.
So we happened to visit Jashan by Ginsoy which is located at Seaview. The restaurant opens around 6:30 so to get reservation you should call around 6 or go by yourself to get your seat reserved otherwise you will have to wait.
Now how’s the food?
Well, we have been hearing a lot about this restaurant so we ended up there. And I must say that it’s totally worth it.
We were 7, and we ordered Tawa Chicken, Peshawri Karachi (mutton) French Fries, Aloo Paratha, Nachos, Strawberry Mojito, Mango Breeze, Mint Lemonade.
All of the stuff tasted amazing to which I would rate 9.5/10. The ambiance you can see in pictures as well it’s 10/10. It’s a perfect place to enjoy your meal.
The only downside is the menu is limited compared to other restaurants of its size. Nevertheless, we enjoyed a lot.
Total damage: 7600 rs
People: 7