Finally something different to write about. I’ll make it short and sweet

1- I see a post by a friend on this new place called Black Tie Smokehouse. I love smoked briskets and ribs

2- I call the given number and place the order. The guy at the other end explains and details everything.

3- I pick the order from the designated location on Saturday

4- I come back home, and try everything with the family.


6- the ribs and the brisket were perfection. But I have never had Smoked chicken.

7- Did I mention, BLOWN AWAY?

8- Suggestion to all those who love food. TRY IT. We have the same menus and tastes all over Karachi. If you love meat, try something different and make your own decision. And thank me later

P.S. sorry, took the picture of the ribs twice but missed the brisket