Average restaurant

So it’s my first time posting here. Me and my fam went to this new restaurant that’s opened in Karachi next to BBQ tonight. It’s called The Forest and it’s owned by Yasir Nawaz.

So overall I liked the idea of having an outdoor seating under the trees with pretty lights. And I think the lighting was very good actually.

Coming to the food, you can find the menu on their FB page and it’s not as expensive as I expected it to be. However in my opinion you can find far better desi food in the same budget.

What we ordered:
Hot and sour soup
BBQ platter
Peshawari chicken karahi with garlic naan

Total cost: 4600

The hot and sour soup wasn’t good at all. It had zero veggies and it was too spicy. It was served with some horrible garlic bread.
The BBQ platter was well presented with alot of salad and had a good variety like reshmi kabab, tikka, prawns, mutton chops etc. I think the mutton chops were the best but malai boti was the worst I’ve ever had.
Finally the karahi was okay same as every other mediocre place.