So , went to the all time hyped place CLOUD NAAN yesterday for sehri. We reached there aroundd 2 , we couldnt find an empty space , asked a guy , he didnt respond , a bunch of guys were leaving so we went and sit there , called a guy myself to clean the table and take the left overs from there , called him again for the menu , had to call again for taking the order , so you see the service ? And it took way too much for them to serve , upon asking that too at 3:20 they told “cheese lenay gaey hayn khatam hogayi hay” waited for 15 mins , we were served then , didn’t like the chicken cheese naan , there was no special thing in it , cheese burger naan was nice , we only liked philly cheese steak naan but oh boy A LOT OF ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT A LOT.
Khayr, the owner was there he had sent his guy to ask us about the food because he probably over heard our unsatisfactory comments. The doodh patti was lit . And they served us a drink upon placing order which wasn’t cold till our naan’s arrived so they changed it without charging us even when we had opened the previous can.
Its a one time going place but only if you people improve we can visit more often.