Waqas Biryani

Waqas Biryani

Hall Road Lahore
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About Waqas Biryani

With regards to the well known rice of Lahore the Waqas Biryani Hall Road Lahore starts things out to us. Individuals have various perspectives about this biryani as the vast majority say it’s pulao, not biryani while others actually think about it as biryani. We are not making a wreck by saying it’s a biryani or pulao however trust me the taste is exceptionally extraordinary and you won’t ever discover this sort of taste elsewhere in Lahore. The amount is additionally exceptionally sufficient that a full plate is sufficient for two people with typical yearning. Thus, assuming you are wanting to visit this spot, you should need to remember that this spot stays swarmed without fail and you need to battle for getting a solitary plate of biryani. The individuals who are searching for its menu can actually take a look at the total menu from the beneath side.

Oct 17, 2021

Total disappointment.

So yesterday I went to Hall Road and I thought k bhai bohot hype hai waqas biryani check karte kya scene.
Went there. Total disappointment.

Fazool ki hype. 300 ki biryani. Fazool tareen service. Ganda tareen environment. Farigh tareen taste.
Savour is >>>> waqas. At least biryani ka naam laga kr pulao nai dete.

Taste 0/10
VOM 0/10

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