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About Roadside Bistro Cafe & Restaurant

Roadside Bistro offers best dine out with your loved Ones in an amazing ambiance and live music.

Feb 14, 2021

Just had a worst experience at Roadside Bistro

Edit: When we went there and ordered, the music was normal. Thats how it is on usual days when we visit. After a while they had this live music setup due to weekend or a private party going on (which shouldn't be). This live music was extremely shrill and loud. It was by the time our order had arrived.
We went by Uber, so no personal driver or car was available 🙂 those who are saying we could have just take the baby in car or left the place like that. Anyways the message is already given. If they had to take they will. Otherwise next time people will be careful like we will be at our own. Coz customer services? A myth in Pakistan!
Just had a worst experience at Roadside Bistro we are their regular customers. Always liked the ambiance. Today they gave us a worst of the customer experience! Very inconsiderate of them. This is my sister sitting outside the cafe to feed my nephew. Coz my nephew couldn't stop crying due to the extreme shrill & loud sound of music. We requested multiple times to atleast low down the music a bit so the baby gets comfortable. In vein. At last while leaving, after rushing with the food and bill as to leave this place as soon possible. Gave them feedback and their response was "hum guest ko naraz nhii kar skty" mtlab bacha ro ro k nidhaal hogya pareshan hogya.. koi ehsas nhii.. we never asked them to stop the music as we understand its their theme. But lowing down the music is always possible. Also I'm not exaggerating their music was abnormally high today which made us all very uncomfortable. We had to shout to talk to each other. This is not how a theme should work in any cafe.
Swipe to next video to see how loud the music was!!
@roadsidebistrokhi please be considerate of your customers concerns and emergencies.
A disappointed regular customer!
Edit: Yes we are their regular customers and the reason I mentioned "always liked their ambiance" coz its always cozy and comfy. Ok I agree, we could have leave the restaurant too (knowing its 10 pm and we don't see any other place to sit with the baby on tipu sultan, as due to weekend everything was already full and on waiting) which we anyways did the entire time taking the baby outside then inside. But raising it here to try to make them realise this is not how you keep your regular customers. Cherry on top, the manager had a smile on his face looking us all worried and raising this issue to him.. which made me to post this. They were very inconsiderate, literally.

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Feb 14, 2021

Visited an amazing place with great ambiance

Me and khaaparhs visited an amazing place with great ambiance, live music and a peaceful environment at Roadside Bistro (Tipu Sultan) 😍
Stags and families both can enjoy their food and environment 😍
Cigrette pine walo k lia pursakoon intizam 🤩
Food quality: 10 on 10
Service: 10 on 10
Total damage: 2200 (quality and environment k hisab se bht reasonable)
Ps: kabab k sath chatni was not good (shadeed thandi chatni)
Overall a very good experience

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