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Persian Night Restaurant Karachi

Persian Night Restaurant is newly opened restaurant in Karachi. Located at Clifton Block-2. The atmosphere and ambiance is very much relevant to traditional persian/ iranian culture. There are very few persian restaurants availble in Karachi, Persian Night is one of them after Chullu Kabab.

Karachi city, some seven decades ago, boasted of many Iranian restaurants though today there are hardly eight to 10 of them around. Usually located in commercial areas, especially near offices, these restaurants were a frequent haunt of office goers. They took special care to also offer breakfast or tea with paratha, omelettes, samosa and other savoury delights on the menu. Being in an office locality ensured customers, and breakfast with the savoury snacks always came in handy when you are just there to grab something in a rush. The restaurants also hired energetic waiters who, other than running up and down the family room stairs, could also deliver orders to the various offices.

If you’re a persian or iranian foodie, this place is a must try.

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