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About Mouthful

Pakistan’s first Healthy Food Eatary. It’s not just fine dining, it’s fun dining!

Situated in Lahore Mouthful is Pakistan’s first natural and healthy food restaurant.
Nothing comes on Mouthful’s menu if we do not think we’ve mastered it and there’s still room for improvement.

That’s where you are available , your taste buds. We calculate them.

Our menu may be a spin the planet and that we keep exploring for you as we put the art and science together. The art is on going and therefore the science is straightforward , e=mc2, e is everyone who has mouthful of culinary into carnage in order that you become that genius we would like you to be.

Hence we’ve decided that only maximum of 10 signature dishes will adorn our menu for you at any given time. No more. during a ny case you’ve got 10 fingers to count and 10 lanes in a race where each dish competes with the opposite for popularity. So keep trying all the winners.

First 10 dishes on our menu are going to be revealed on opening so confine touch and keep following us.

Sep 12, 2021
Very Good

Mouthful, M.M. Alam Road.

Mouthful, M.M. Alam Road.
Ordered Grilled Mouthful Gourmet Burger and mouthful Crown Burger Herb Crusted.
Price: Around 2100 pkr (5% GST)
Ambience: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Taste: 6.5/10
VoM: 5/10
Overpriced. Also beware of the grilled gourmet burger. It is stuffed with hot molten cheese and if you bite into it, IT WILL BURN YOUR MOUTH! (from experience ☹️)
End of review, start of an epiphany...
I realized today that a meal for 2 people cost us 2.1k pkr. Whereas, a monthly rations pack for a whole family costs around 3k pkr.
Please realize your privileged position! Be thankful to Allah for the halal sustenance, and skip a fancy meal a month to sponsor a family.
There is nothing wrong with having over-priced meals (as long as it is halal money) but look out for others too ☹️

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