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About Kababjees

Kababjees Do Darya Karachi

Welcome From Kababjees Do Darya Karachi

Welcome to KABABJEES Do Darya Karachi, where you will enjoy delicious, BBQ meat by our specialty chefs their selves! Smell the aromas when you walk through the door, we are the place to be for barbecue! Fall-off-the-bone ribs, perfectly, juicy hot and finger licking malai boti and other goodness, mouthwatering chops and much more! Plus, at Kababjees’s you’ll experience that small town community feel we all love! The Foodies Rollin’, so come on in!

KABABJEES came into being in 2015 in the month of March.Kababjees is a wide addition in the restaurant mania for the food lovers. We have started with the scratch and have researched on each and every item we sell. We have separate chefs for all the cuisines.

About Kababjees Do Darya Karachi

Kababjees is one of the top restaurants with finest food services located at Do Darya Defence Karachi. It is very well known for its delicious food served in an open environment and near the most beautiful view of sea. Dinner near the sea gives a great sort of rapture to the people and they can enjoy their food in such an amazing atmosphere.

The staff makes sure that the food is well cooked and is hygienic so that the customers won’t have to face any problem. Some of the specialties of Kababjees are Dhaka fish, chicken malai boti, rango kabab (mutton), mutton ribs; mutton chops masala BBQ, mutton peshawri karahi and cheese naan and also serves fish &chips, French fries, prawns and others in starter.

Its menu includes soups, steak (beef and chicken), seafood, Chinese, Italian, desi (handi, BBQ, BBQ Kabab), Burgers, sandwiches and, mocktails. Kababjees makes sure that the customers admire the food and would return to them to have more of tasty food in a beautiful environment. The staff is very efficient and quick in its services. It makes sure that food which is served is fresh, healthy and tasty so that the customers would leave restaurant after dinner in a good mood.

Our Specilities

“We make it look easy on the court… because we practice until we cannot get it wrong anymore.”

Gabby Williams

At KABABJEES we serve the most scrumptious food ever that will force you to grab the food every other day.

Our Dhaka Fish is so crispy but juicy from inside every fish lover would enjoy it. It’s a blend of both desi and English touch. Whereas chicken malai boti Rango Kabab mutton chops and mutton ribs are the most famous meaty dishes for which kababjees is known and them it comes the Mutton Peshawari Karahi its finger licking and the cheese naan oh my god the gooey cheese when drizzle from the naan and come out of the mouth it give you the most amazing fellings. Our specialties are

• Dhaka Fish
• Chicken Malai Boti
• Rango Kabab
• Mutton Ribs
• Mutton Chops Masala BBQ
• Mutton Peshawari Karahi
• Cheese Naan