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About Hot-n-Spicy

Hot and Spicy Restaurant Karachi

It all began a decade ago, when the spirit of Karachi and the quest to satiate hunger with irresistible food led our founder to start-off with a small roadside joint in his neighborhood, offering sizzling rolls and barbecue to the regular passerby for free.

The Original Chicken Mayo became an instant hit, like love at first bite. They grabbed a snack, like no other, created with unique sauces that put fire in their bellies and made them come back for more. Since then, the food has become a part of flavorful celebrations for the residents of this busy metropolis befitting all occasions.

The lord’s grace and your love have made us capable of successfully paving the way from very humble origins to an entity that grows from strength to strength each day and ventures into getting closer to you all with its ever-growing outlets and joints, instant food delivery and catering services tailored to your needs.

Dining Experience

Clichéd though it may sound but we truly value you all, for your appreciation makes us what we are today. Together with your love of life, friends, fun and good food we have created the pioneer of all barbecue joints as the preferred spot for all. We’re waiting to serve you with unbeatable taste with our unique desi tadka and unparalleled service quality. So come one, come all, it’d be even better if you give us a call.

Our Food


Experience the best Pakistani food on the block and feast your senses with our delightful options and generous servings.


Some like it hot, others not. Delve into the yummy goodness of our fresh continental food and discover the best in Chinese.


Taking the traditional along and giving it a very contemporary feel is our mantra. We cook our meat to perfection, with just the right herbs and spices, fresh off the grill.

Its all about hot and spicy restaurant Karachi