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Pioneers in Hunter Beef in Karachi

Who we are

What Al-Haj Muhammad Hanif Shimlavi (RA) started back in 1889 from Shimla, is now established as one of the most trusted names in food industry in Karachi. This trustworthy reputation has been earned by hard work with dedication for over a century. The business of preparing variety of Hunter Beef has Alhamdulillah gained more popularity and repute with the passage of time. The very original recipes and unique taste are the keystones to the success that Hanifia has had in Karachi after partition. Today, Hanifia has spread across busy streets of Karachi.

Hanifia has the distinction of not only mastering the art of contemporary fast food, but also introducing some products of its own. Hanifia introduced first ever burger in Karachi only for the price of 75 paisa. This trend still persists and Hanifia continue to offer the best of tastes at the lowest of prices. Hanifia has successfully brought in food products of the world and given them exquisite Pakistani flavors. Zinger Burger from the West, TAZIG from Saudi Arabia are just of the examples where Hanifia has given them an identity of their own. Gyro is the latest addition in the delicious and flavorsome family. Hanifia believes in maintaining standard in every detail- its very own ‘Mustard Sauce’ is unmatched in the entire industry.

Hanifia is the one of the most popular and professional in Hunter Beef in Karachi