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About GreenO

GreenO Juice Bars’ mission is to provide our customers with healthy, nutritious, and high quality products, prepared in a homemade fashion.

Driven by the need of a juice bar that produces healthy and premium quality fruit juice which is enjoyed by a variety of taste palates and satisfies health conscious consumers from all walks of life whilst meeting global hygiene standards, GreenO is a brainchild of its founders who firmly believe that concept of juicing needs to be taken a step further besides being a recreational time out.

The key strength of GreenO lies in its awareness of the needs in taste; affordability and hygiene of the consumer. In fact, the entire way we conduct our business has been developed around the customer to ensure that we are giving them what they want, not what we think they want. Vigorous focus group research and gaining insight into the requirements of the market helped us in achieving our goal.

The need to inculcate health awareness and benefits of juicing is a task that must be fulfilled with passion and sincerity – and we do just that.