Karachi Eat Food Festival 2022

10/11/12 January at Beach View Park, Clifton

The KARACHI EAT FOOD 2022 is food festival built around the idea of creating a common platform for people who love food. It will be held from January 12th to January 14th in 2018 in Karachi. From the most creative and talented chefs to the street vendors, the KARACHI EAT is a festival which celebrates the full diversity of food that this city has to offer. For Karachites food is clearly much more then just fuel for the body and through this festival we embrace the pleasures and value of great flavor, giving you the opportunity to taste extraordinary food while being immersed in a complete experience that brings you face to face with the food you eat and people who make it.

Restaurant's list is being updated, please keep visiting to get updates related to Karachi Eat Food Festival 2020...

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