5 Best Steaks & Steakhouse in Karachi

Streaks are a definitive substantial goodness that can execute your craving positively leaving your stomach and heart, fulfilled. There’s nothing better than a decent quality steak and fortunately in Karachi, you have stunning choices to fill your stomach with the absolute best steaks. Here we give you proposals dependent on a certain something, nature of steaks (deliciousness and delicacy) and meat (hamburger, obviously). There are various sorts of steaks like Tenderloin, New York Strip, sirloin, T-Bone, Rib eye, Flank, skirt and rear end. Steak can be made with Chicken and fish too dependent on your inclinations; in any case, as a norm, we judge the steaks dependent on its meat alone.

Follow our proposals for a decent eating experience and the best steak house in Karachi.

Karachi is honored with stunning steak houses that give quality steaks in a sensible cost. We should examine the best steakhouses in Karachi.

1- Markhor Smoked Meat

Playa Bar by Rosati KarachiMarkhor can be the final destination for meat lovers. Markhor offers unique dining experience with its signature smoked meat. The restaurant prides itself in bringing variety to their menu not only with scrumptious beef briskets and ribs but also with smoked chicken, fresh salads, appetizing sides, beverages and irresistible desserts.

2- Steak CFU


Steak by CFU is serving best variety of Chicken, Beef and Seafood Steaks. The food is of amazing taste and high quality. The menu includes Variety of beef steaks with Mexican, Brazilian and Argentinian style, Chicken steak with Mexican, Jamaican Jerk and Honey Mustard style, Seafood with Spicy and Garlic Butter style, Sides, Salads, Drinks, and Desserts.

3- RoadHouse Kitchen

RoadHouse KitchenRoadHouse Kitchen locaed at North Nazimabad offers a great veriety of scrumptious food.You can enjoy some great dishes at RoadHouse Kitchen in a relaxing and vibrant ambiance.Check out their latest deals and menu.

4- Gunsmoke

Gunsmoke Gun smoke is a steak house with mesmerizing dine-in experience with professional and cooperative staff, always delivering the meal on time with appealing presentation and delicious taste of food. The menu includes Starters and Appetizers, Steaks served with soup, salad and Fruit bar, Pasta, Gourmet Burgers and much more.

5- Saltage Steakhouse

Satlage SteakhouseDry aging is a slow traditional process for aging fine meats. The procedure uses dry air from Himalayan Salt bricks causing the natural enzymes in the meat to breakdown the muscle fibre, which enhances the meat tenderness and produces the perfect steak.

Disclaimer: The list of the above 5 best steaks or stakehouse in Karachi are picked manually by FoodoPlanet. None of the restaurant paid us to include their name in this list.