Rant! Horrible experience at Loco!

Just got back home and boy let me roll up my sleeves for this huge rant I never usually write.
Talk about getting a Grand Birthday being reserved at this fairly new ‘Supposed’ edgy ‘ Spanish ‘eatery in Karachi being Utterly spoiled and ruined by None other than the Loco staff and the ALMOST- CHOKING- TO-DEATH ( WITHOUT A HAZARD AHEAD FOOD WARNING SIGN) Food.
Have money to waste?No?Good, Because every penny you’ve earned is precious. Oh So you have money to waste? Head out to Loco 😉
Let’s talk about the food shall we?
On a table of 12, Just 3 Menu cards were distributed which had to be awkwardly rolled and shared out because Apparently they were short on them. How embarrassing!
Okay – The FOOD and The person taking our order.
Being a tiny cosy place, with music too loud for the person to even take out orders it was a Mayhem. With only 2 servers actually serving the entire Lot at Loco, I feel sorry! For you and the customers.
FOOD – Here we come.
Upon arriving we were instantly told ‘WE ARE NOT SERVING PIZZA’s and ANY GRILLED CHICKEN’. Woah! That was a major shocker! On such a limited menu you have the nerve to slap our appetites, knowing we’ve reserved prior to the day AND ITS A BIRTHDAY DINNER, NOT A BLOODY WALK-IN CASUAL DINNER FOR 2.
Okay, so 6 of us who wanted Pollo Al Carbon(Grilled Chicken) and Pizza went like Fine, what other good option do you have. To this they were least bothered to tell us any other good option so we went for Ajillo Chicken dish. Talk about Chicken swimming in a broth of Bitter chilli oil enough to choke you to death by the first inhale. Oh, USA might invade the single serving thinking the oil is a Jackpot from the Middleeast! With three tiny rubber breads, it was sheer Punishment. The other Beef entree was another nail in the coffin. Too chewy, too bitter to swallow. AND A FEW WERE NOT EVEN SERVED TILL WE ALMOST BEGGED THEM THAT WE’RE ABOUT TO LEAVE PLEASE SERVE. HOW BLOODY EMBARASSING! And adding the feather to their caps UPON GETTING ALL OUR ORDERS ON OUR TABLES – MR. MANOJ, THE SUPPOSED PERSON TO TAKE OUR ORDER AND LATER TELLING US THAT HE’S THE CO-Manager TELLS US THAT “Oh Hey, Fellas, now that you’ve ordered, this shitload of nonsensical food, we just have the ‘NO PIZZA AS MENTIONED EARLIER’ Reversed. ITS BACK ON THE MENU, YOU FOOLS 😁
Long story short, after Dodging the bullets, Almost choking on the food, Horrible service, EXTREMELY LATE FOOD Being served, a few of the LOCO team people couldn’t face the storm and despite asking for MR RAYYAN DURRANI ( Who wasn’t in the house at that time) the other co founder/manager Mr Raza couldn’t make eye contact with us and showed Zero courtesy behind their glass window like a spectator while Mr.Manoj tried to cheat his eye contact with us and was on a Repeat with ‘We’re sorry but Eff you guys, that’s all folks, Shows over you may leave’ THATS HOW HORRIBLE LOCO WAS TODAY. I would like them to be apologetic not by words but with action as well! Mr Rayyan, I’d like you to get to me and at least know how your DREAM PROJECT just LOST 12 and more people from your prospective future diners. Loco is a Spanish Inspirarion, you walk in and see this amazing painting of Frida Kahlo. TODAY I RELATED TO ONE OF HER FAMOUS SAYINGS “AT THE END OF THE DAY WE CAN ENDURE MUCH MORE THAN WE CAN”. Haha yesss I can so relate. We did kinda endure your below average Service and off the menu food never to be tried again!
#LocoWhatsWrongWithYou #SpanishFoodSayWhaaat #WheresMyMoney #LocoNeverAgain