Mouthful, M.M. Alam Road.

Mouthful, M.M. Alam Road.
Ordered Grilled Mouthful Gourmet Burger and mouthful Crown Burger Herb Crusted.
Price: Around 2100 pkr (5% GST)
Ambience: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Taste: 6.5/10
VoM: 5/10
Overpriced. Also beware of the grilled gourmet burger. It is stuffed with hot molten cheese and if you bite into it, IT WILL BURN YOUR MOUTH! (from experience ☹️)
End of review, start of an epiphany…
I realized today that a meal for 2 people cost us 2.1k pkr. Whereas, a monthly rations pack for a whole family costs around 3k pkr.
Please realize your privileged position! Be thankful to Allah for the halal sustenance, and skip a fancy meal a month to sponsor a family.
There is nothing wrong with having over-priced meals (as long as it is halal money) but look out for others too ☹️