Dubai Falafil House.

I had an amazing experience at the eatery. Their Falafil Roll and Hummus is one of the most authentic and amazing I have ever tried. The owner has been educated and lived all her life in Dubai till her husband, an ACCA qualified Accountant, retired from his Dubai based job. She is accompanied by her husband who speaks fluently in English.
The food was hygenic and pocket friendly. We ordered 3 Falafil rolls and a Hummus(half) along with Sheesh tows (not sure of this name but it was something similar). Total Bill was 490 for 2 people. So its just 245 per head even though we filled ourselves to the brim. Alongside the eatery was another stall, Fade Bhook, serving drinks and their mint-lemon drink with soda which had a desi touch but was refreshing enough to gulp the food down
Food Quality and Hygiene 10/10
Service 10/10
Taste 9/10