Churrosity Review:

Craving for something in sweet we were driving on clifton. Next to dip shop at schon circle. Had an eye on this outlet and wanted to try.
Owners were kind, on our sitting he placed babies video for our younger kid.
1st We ordered chocolate filled churros, believe me it was awesome freshness of just made churros and hot melted chocolate inside, packed into this box with crispy texture from one end to another.
2nd we ordered the cucumber mojito, which was mild in flavour, yet was finished as we had just one drink with all eating stuff.
3rd we ordered the plain churros with the caramel dip, it was also fresh but the filled ones were more liked by us.
4th we ordered the one with an icecream, this bend churros was hard to handle when we start eating from center, the combination of icecream-churros-spinkles was enough for one person.
I would like to rate this place for 9, considering their quality, service, something new in the town & taste.
Would definitely visit next time, also would like to recommend others.