AlaRahi Review

Pro-tip: AlaRahi has crazy waiting time. If you plan to visit, make sure you reach early, especially on weekends. But food, I kid you not, is worth, all the wait. It’s always a 10/10 experience.
We ordered,
Mutton Yakhni
Atish Dajjaj
Pasha Kebab
Turkish Kebab
Ezme Chicken
Mutton Shank
I don’t even need to elaborate on how delectable each and everything was. AlaRahi is one of the very few restaurants in Khi that serves the best Mediterranean food. Kebabs are always juicy, and serving size is great. Mutton Shank has a little gravy texture, and don’t ridicule me if I tell you, it tastes, “a little” like kunna. Their waiters are very well trained. Their top floor seating arrangement is better than the basement one, the latter being dark and congested.
Bill is attached for your reference. Yes, it’s a month old bill, I couldn’t manage to upload the review earlier.