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About Hoagies

Hoagies Karachi

Hoagies Karachi, Situated on Saba Avenue, Karachi in the same line as Gazebo, Hoagies is a new eatery specializing in, as the name suggests, Hoagie sandwiches.

At Hoagies Karachi, We make deliciously toasted sandwiches, whole wheat flat breads, loaded sides, awesome salads and a whole lot more! All our breads are baked in house, our sauces are carefully crafted in our kitchen, and everything we serve or deliver is made fresh to order!

The term Hoagie originated in Philadelphia and refers to a submarine sandwich consisting of a long roll of Italian or French bread, split into two pieces, filled with a variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables and sauces.

Hoagies Karachi offers both delivery and dine-in options, however, it was the dine-in outlet that I decided to experience.

With lots of exposed brick walls and a sitting area consisting of upholstered booths and wooden tables and chairs, the overall vibe is rustic comfort.

There’s a blackboard with the WiFi password clearly mentioned, along with requisite social media buttons, inviting one to use this as a comfortable place to get some work done while munching a sandwich, or relax with friends.